Kuilau Trail

Photo by Wasabi
Kuilau Trail

This trail begins near Wailua's Keahua Arboretum and travels up to views of Mt.Waialeale (clouds permitting) and the ocean. Picnic at the lookout point or continue on to explore lush hillsides of fern and vegetation. Path connects to Moalepe trail. No water. No facilities.

Things To Bring
  • Water
  • Sun Protection
  • Appropriate footwear
  • Picnic
Cool Because

When you return from a great hike you can picnic by the river at the arboretum.


Winding footpath of inclines and declines over hills and through remote terrain. Picnic shelter and lookout point.

Not Good For

Explorers in poor physical condition.


Narrow footpaths in some sections. Trail is slippery when muddy. Watch for equestrians and pig hunters. Potential flash flooding of river at the arboretum during rainy weather.

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2.1 Miles (one way)

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