Lydgate Bike Path

Photo by Wasabi
Lydgate Bike Path

This 2.5 mile segment of multi-use path at Lydgate Beach Park is the first phase of a greater plan to extend a coastal trail from Nawiliwili to Anahola called Ke Ala Hele Makalae ("the path that goes by the coast"). Parking. Facilities.

Things To Bring
  • Sun Protection
  • First Aid
  • Appropriate Footwear
  • Picnic
Cool Because

The whole family can enjoy a stroll on this paved path good for bikes, skates and slippers.


2.5 miles of a 10-foot wide paved path along the coastline.

Not Good For

Those looking for elevation or a vigorous hike


Watch for bicycles and faster moving modes of transport on the path. Use sun protection and stay hydrated.

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2.5 Miles (one way)

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