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October 2007 - "...Kauaiexplorer.com, an online resource for island beaches and trails, recommends visitors and residents heed the following ocean safety tips: Talk to lifeguards for advice; note the posted warning signs; observe constantly changing conditions; remember waves come in sets; be careful on wet sand and rocks; do not fight rip currents; and never swim alone..."more

Nathan Eagle • The Garden Island

October 2007 - "...Today’s column, with a nod to our greatest private sector contributor of all (namely wasabi design, the creator of kauaiexplorer.com, which I’ll hereafter refer to as kx), will review the first two items on our list... Pre-vacation planning: I believe the key here is to have as many links to our ocean safety Web sites (kx, and/or oceansafety.soest.hawaii.edu) as possible. I myself am a particular fan of the former in regard to Kaua‘i, and the latter has great statewide information.."more

Dr. Monty Downs • The Garden Island

June 2007 - "...readers of this column are by now well aware of our pioneering homegrown Web site kauaiexplorer.com."more

Dr. Monty Downs • The Garden Island

May 2007 - "The Kaua‘i Beach Explorer site is up and running with links to beach safety tips, a lifeguard’s ocean safety video, changing ocean conditions, rip currents and seasonal surf trends."more

Dennis Fujimoto • The Garden Island

May 2007 - Nowadays if you’re looking at www.kauaiworld.com you will see the link to ocean safety (i.e. to www.kauaiexplorer.com, which is rapidly becoming www.hiexplorer.com).  If you look at www.kauaidiscovery.com you will see the link to ocean safety.  We hope to soon have every hotel and vacation rental Web site carry that link so that even as people are planning their vacation they can begin hearing the words "have a great time, and be careful."more

Dr. Monty Downs • The Garden Island

May 2007 - Our dedicated Web site designers, who have given us kauaiexplorer.com with (among many other features) its daily ocean report, presented a clear description of the conditions on that fateful day." more

Dr. Monty Downs • The Garden Island

Mar 2007 - Another expert we are blessed to have is Winston Welborn and his team at Wasabi Design.  They created the Web site kauaiexplorer.com as well as the official county ocean safety brochure and the ad that is in the car rental drive guide.  Their goal and achievement with all of these has been to make them attractive and welcoming, and then within that framework provide information that can help people make good decisions.  There is an art to finding this balance, and they are great artists. more

Dr. Monty Downs • The Garden Island

Mar 2007 - If you want to know -- about surf, safety and sights -- before you go to the beach on Kauai, be sure to check out the Kauai Beach Explorer Web site, www.kauaiexplorer.com. It includes general information, ocean safety tips and current conditions updated by the Kauai Fire Department Ocean Safety Bureau -- plus, some real pretty pictures. more

Staff • San Francisco Chronicle

Feb 2007 - Did I say "explore?"  That's our No. 1 initiative for 2007, namely to get the Web site kauaiexplorer.com on everybody's lips...more

Dr. Monty Downs • The Garden Island Newspaper

Jan 2007 - Winston Welborn...launched the Web site www.kauaiexplorer.com, with daily updates from lifeguards around Kaua`i on beach conditions.  'He's up at 5 am every morning taking calls from lifeguards.  We don't have anyone willing to do that (on O`ahu)' said Ralph Goto, administrator of Honolulu's Ocean Safety and Lifeguard Services.more

Staff • Honolulu Advertiser

Jan 2007 - All employees now have access to the daily Ocean Report, available at www.kauaiexplorer.com, to inform guests of current ocean conditions.  'We encourage the departments to print this report daily and make it available to our guests,' says Security Manager Linda Ruby.  'We hope that by providing this information, we will be able to reduce the number of drownings on Kaua`i.' more

Staff • Kaua`i Island News

Jan/Feb 2007 - The county of Kaua`i, the Kaua`i Fire Department's Ocean Safety Bureau and the National Weather Service all provide daily updates. The site is full of ocean safety tips- because most Kaua`i drownings are preventable. All it takes is a little knowledge and precaution.

Staff • Hawai'i Magazine

Jan 2007 - I care and I'm very thankful to be able to live and play in this environment, and over the years I've had the good fortune to share that caring with other people...We don't want to scare people away from these beautiful spots, but they have to know it's always changing and they have to be in tune to the changes and operate with a base of knowledge. more

Winston Welborn • Kauai Island News

Dec 2006 - ...Kaua`i Beach Explorer is different because not only is it more educational about the natural elements and forces at play on Kaua`i, but also because it's updated daily, available online and can be browsed with mobile devices like BlackBerrys.the bottom line.is not just safety, but promoting what Kaua`i has to offer in a way that is informative, fun and promotes responsible use of Kaua`i's irreplaceable environment. more

Staff • Kauai Business Report

Nov/Dec 2006 - ...a major call to action has now spawned an indispensable guide to Kaua'i's beaches, called the Kaua'i Beach Explorer. Utilizing the power and huge audience reach of the Internet, designers Winston Welborn and Justin Britt and their team at Wasabi Marketing Elements have created a highly useful, feature-packed Web site that gathers information from the reliable sources of the county of Kaua'i, Kaua'i Fire Department and Ocean Safety Bureau... more

Spirit of Aloha • The Magazine of Aloha Airlines

November 2006 - The latest initiative introduced by the council is a web-based, daily ocean report with information on current ocean conditions and warnings that can be downloaded and printed via www.kauaiexplorer.com The report is updated each morning following consultation with county lifeguards and updates from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. more

Bryan J. Baptiste, Mayor • County of Kauai

November 2006 - "There’s only so much our lifeguards can do — especially when visitors go to beaches without lifeguards,” Vierra said. “We’ve got a great program and we’re saving lives, but there’s more we can do. Through this partnership, we’re going to make some headway." more

Lester Chang, staff writer • The Garden Island Newspaper

August 2006 - A new online ocean report aims to equip visitors and residents with up-to-date information on surf, currents and other hazards.more

Advertiser Staff • The Honolulu Advertiser

August 2006 - In an effort to enhance beach safety and reduce the number of drownings on Kauai, Wasabi Marketing Elements has created a new website. Kauai Explorer-dot-com identifies 16 island beaches, and displays current conditions for each beach. A map displays lifeguarded beaches, family-friendly areas, good snorkeling spots, and other information. Detail pages identify the hazards and other data about each beach. The Ocean Report section contains current information about each beach. It’s updated daily through collaborations with the Ocean Safety Bureau and the National Weather Service. Kalani Viera is the island’s Ocean Safety Bureau supervisor. He gets daily reports from lifeguard stations around the island and that information is posted on the website. Kalani is also featured in a safety video on the website. Officials say the website provides timely ocean reports in a format that’s easy to understand. The Wasabi design team says the Kauai Beach Explorer supports ocean safety, recreation, and responsible use through education. For more information, visit www.kauaiexplorer.com.

KKCR • Kauai Public Radio Station

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