Prince Kuhio Beach

A.K.A. P.K.'s (Prince Kuhio), Centers and Acid Drops • Photo by Wasabi
Hanalei Bay

A narrow and short beach with great snorkeling in winter (when it's calm). Not much area for hanging out on this beach – most of the action is in the water. Roadside parking. Showers and restrooms.

Things To Do
Cool Because

With a large summer swell you can glimpse some world class surfing here.


Strong currents. Dangerous waves breaking on rocks, ledges and reefs. Sharp coral and slippery rocks.


Narrow sandy shoreline with slippery rock shelves. Mostly reef underwater.

Not Good For

This is not the best beach for just frolicking in the water or for a day long beach trip. It is right on the road and has almost no sand at times.

Surf Forecast

2-4 ft.

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2.3 / 5 (474 votes)

not lifeguarded

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