updated: Mar 29, 2015 8:31AM

Kauai Ocean Report

Supported by the Kauai Fire Department Ocean Safety Bureau. Forecast and warning information provided by the National Weather Service.

Rising surf on North & West facing shores. Watch out for changing conditions, powerful surf & currents.

Consult lifeguards before entering the water - WHEN IN DOUBT DON'T GO OUT!

Ocean Report Discussion

North & West facing shores topping the surf heights - currently in the 4-8' range and forecast to become larger this afternoon. Calmer on South & East facing shores, plus sheltered spots like Hanalei Pavillon. Always use caution - esp. when unfamiliar & help is a long way away. Recommended lifeguarded beaches: Hanalei Pavilion, Kealia, Lydgate, Poipu, Salt Pond.
Outlook to Fri April 3: Easterly wind swell. New near-advisory level NW swell today, becoming smaller Mon.

updated: Mar 29, 2015 8:31AM

Lifeguard Surf Observations

Lifeguards report on current ocean conditions daily at 9AM. Lifeguard tower locations correspond to those shown on the surf observations table.

Station Surf Wind Visibility
life guard tower 1 Haena 4-8 ft. 10-15 kt. good
life guard tower 2 Hanalei 3-6 ft. 10-15 kt. good
life guard tower 3 Kealia 1-4 ft. 10-15 kt. good
life guard tower 4 Lydgate 1-4 ft. 10-15 kt. good
life guard tower 5 Poipu 1-3 ft. 10-15 kt good
life guard tower 6 Salt Pond 1-2 ft. 10-15 kt. good
life guard tower 7 Kekaha 2-4 ft. 10-15 kt. fair

Please ask lifeguards for best swimming locations.

updated: Mar 29, 2015 8:31AM

Forecast Surf Heights

National Weather Service predicted surf heights are based on a Oahu forecasting system. Kauai forcast coming soon.

Location Surf heights Tides
North 10-14 ft.  
West 6-9 ft.  
South 1-3 ft. view graph
East 1-3 ft. view graph

Surf heights are forecast heights of the face or front of waves. Some waves may be more than twice as high as the significant wave height. Expect to encounter rip currents in or near any surf zone. National Weather Service Weather Hotline: 808-245-6001

Printable Ocean Report

The most effective way to share ocean conditions with visitors! (Updated daily)

Beach Safety

Varied shoreline topography and constantly changing conditions make our beaches great for activities, but often dangerous and suited for experienced water people only. Plan for a safe vacation with education.