Kukui Trail

Photo by Wasabi
Kukui Trail

An incredible experience of Waimea Canyon's west side, this Koke`e State Park trail drops 2,000 feet to the canyon floor. Travel through a forest of Kukui and other upland trees stopping at viewpoints of the canyon and distant waterfalls along the way. River at the bottom. Camping by permit at Wiliwili camp. No water. No facilities. Permit required for camping.

Things To Bring
  • Permit
  • Water filter
  • Sun Protection
  • First aid
  • Appropriate footwear
  • Camping gear
Cool Because

The trail takes you to the Waimea Canyon's floor.


Narrow switchback trail descending over 2,000 feet through forest with occasional lookout vistas. Trail conditions vary from muddy and slippery to dry and crumbly. River at canyon floor.

Not Good For

Those that do not have strong endurance and are not in good physical condition.


Extreme decline to canyon floor and extreme incline on return. Trail is slippery when muddy. Uneven trail with roots and debris. Use extreme caution on narrow cliff tops. Strong sun. Heavy backpacks can cause overexertion. Filter all water. Stay hydrated. Strong currents and flash flooding can occur at river.

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2.5 Miles (one way)

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