Preserve Our Beaches

Eco Akamai (smart)
Beach preservation for our keiki (children)

Help us preserve Hawaii's beaches for our keiki (children). Do your part, pack your trash, don't walk on the reef and leave Monk Seals alone. Let's ensure that these natural playgrounds remain for many future generations to come.

Beach Use Guidelines

Appropriate, lawful and eco-sensitive etiquette while enjoying Kauai’s beaches improves and preserves the experience for all. Please follow these simple guidelines while playing in Kauai's sand and surf:

  • Pack Your Trash - many of Kauai's beaches do not have trash facilities. In order to keep our beaches clean, it is important that you take your trash with you back to your hotel or vacation rental. And if you can, please bring extra trash back too!
  • No Nudity - please be respectful.  Nude sunbathing is illegal in the state of Hawaii.
  • Leave Monk Seals Alone - you may see monk seals sunbathing on one of Kauai's many beaches. These animals are endangered and are very sensitive to human contact. Give the monk seal plenty of space or you could seriously harm the animal.
  • Don't Feed The Fish - you will see fish food for sale around Kauai. Please do not take part in the feeding of fish while snorkeling. This unnatural act teaches the fish to expect food from snorkelers and can make the fish aggressive to people.
  • Preserve The Reef - reef and coral are living eco-systems that support many species of marine wildlife. Coral and reef take hundreds of millions of years to develop and can be destroyed in an instant. Do not stand on or pick reef or coral.
  • Learn More - check out The Explorer's Guide to Kauai, our own island-style travel Ebook with lots more eco-tips, as well as over 30 pages of island maps and highlights.
Make a difference on your vacation

A great way to enjoy Kaua`i beaches, connect with local people and show your care of our oceans is to participate in an island beach clean-up.  Check out our Ecovents calendar to see the clean-ups taking place this month.

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Mason C. | Aug 17, 2007 2:16PM

I think that this is a great website for others to visit. People need to know that our actions affect our keiki, and if we don't help clean beaches, they probably will not be as great for them. I'm [...] view more

CC | Sep 10, 2007 1:49AM

Just a hint for your site from a long-time island visitor: You need to include a lot more about preservation issues for non-locals. A good number don't even know what coral looks like [...] view more

Kauai Explorer Staff | Sep 10, 2007 8:30AM

You are right CC - there is a lot more we can do and we are working on funding to step up the entire eco / preservation component of this project. In our opinion there really is no such practice as [...] view more

Rich | Sep 13, 2007 3:57PM

I love your website. Mahalo for the great information!

Theresa | Jan 20, 2008 9:42PM

First of all, thanks for such a wonderful website! You\'ve been an invaluable resource in planning activities for the trip to Kauai we\'re taking next month.

Now the question: [...] view more

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